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When you want to reach out and reach high, it pays to be standing on firm, reliable foundations.

Counting Clouds is your bedrock, your ladder AND your safety net. We support you so that you can rise.

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If you’re in a haze of numbers ...
Or if you’re time poor ...
If bookwork is a stress ...
Or if it's a bore ...

Do what you do best and let our experts do the rest!

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Your business is an extension of your creative impulse, your spark, your self.

You’re building something special. We’re excited for you and we want to help!

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Our clients love Counting Clouds

"Counting Clouds are an essential part of my business and I would recommend Line and her team to everyone (and I do)."

Andrew Fuller

Managing Director Clearview Legal Counsel

"I can say without any reservations that Line and the CC’s have made my life so much less stressful... Yelp 10/10 stars, smile emoji and thumbs up to the max."

Casey Rice


"Engaging Counting Clouds is the best business investment I ever made. It has freed me up to do my actual job of making jewellery and these guys manage my financials better than I ever could."

Ellinor Mazza

Jeweller and business owner, Arbor Brunswick

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  • Tax prac board
  • Gold partner
  • Xero
  • Certified bookeepers
  • Receipt bank
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