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Clear skies and peace of mind

We'll keep your books in perfect order, deliver business clarity, and help you stay on the right side of the ATO.

Elevate your skyline

We’ll take care of the bottom line

Maximise your capacity

We’ll relieve the mental burden of bookkeeping and accounting, freeing you up to excel and grow.

Be ready for action

Knowing where you stand financially, you’ll always be ready to grasp opportunities.

Know you’re secure

We’ll keep tabs on your legal and ATO stuff so that you don’t need to worry.

The Numbers That Count

What do we achieve for our clients in measurable results?

$19.4 million in client profit

Our clients profit by doing what they do best and letting us do the rest.

1605 employees paid

Invest your time in developing staff instead of handling payroll.

4.5 year ave relationships

We'll stay the course with you on your business journey.

What targets would you like to hit in your business?
Let's aim high together!

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The Measure Of Us

"Engaging Counting Clouds is the best business investment I ever made. It has freed me up to do my actual job of making jewellery and these guys manage my financials better than I ever could."

Ellinor Mazza

Jeweller & Business Owner, Arbor Brunswick

"We're very happy to continue with Counting Clouds ...Having the peace of mind that the scope you typically take care of is all covered is all the assurance I need."

Austin Maynard Architects

Sophie Whittakers, General Manager,
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Transparency is key

We make a point of establishing a clear and collaborative relationship with each of our clients. These FAQs are a good place to start!

Get in touch

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We'd love to hear from you

Talk to us and find out how we can help you:

  • Tax prac board
  • Gold partner
  • Xero
  • Certified bookeepers
  • Receipt bank
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