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Float up & away from the ATO

We lighten your load, helping you rise to higher priorities.

Like the sound of that?

Your ATO go-betweens

We can take care of it all - BAS, tax returns, payroll compliance and even ATO debt management.

Seamless bookkeeping & accounting

We’ve got it covered from receipts and transactions all the way to tax returns

13.2hrs saved on ave per BAS

That means more time for you to do what you do best

Easy e-signing

Our user-friendly software makes signing your BAS simple and fast

No more waiting on hold

We’ll manage all your ATO phone calls and emails on your behalf

STP-compliant payroll

We maintain Single Touch Payroll for over 1600 employees

Payment plans

We transferred $2,886,141 of client debt onto ATO payment plans in 2023

Tax registrations

We'll make sure you’re set up correctly for GST, PAYGW and PAYGI

Clear summaries

We give you all the basics in straightforward, personalised emails

When it comes to the ATO, you’re much obliged!
The obligations can be overwhelming, but help is at hand.
See here how we can keep you on the right side of the ATO.

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The Measure Of Us

"Engaging Counting Clouds is the best business investment I ever made. It has freed me up to do my actual job of making jewellery and these guys manage my financials better than I ever could."

Ellinor Mazza

Jeweller & Business Owner, Arbor Brunswick

"We're very happy to continue with Counting Clouds ...Having the peace of mind that the scope you typically take care of is all covered is all the assurance I need."

Austin Maynard Architects

Sophie Whittakers, General Manager,
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  • Tax prac board
  • Gold partner
  • Xero
  • Certified bookeepers
  • Receipt bank
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