From little things...

Line dreamed up Counting Clouds in 2011. She had been studying bookkeeping while on maternity leave and knew she had to make herself a job which would accommodate family life and also earn her a living.


Moving & shaking

The work and the flexibility was just the ticket for Line. For a while she worked 2 jobs, at one stage even 3, juggling motherhood and life in general. Soon actual clients replaced the part time jobs and Counting Clouds started to take shape.

Two of us

Bernadette joined Counting Clouds in 2015. The workload grew quickly. They worked from studios, warehouses, co-working spaces, client's offices, cafes; anywhere with decent wifi and access to hot drinks would do.

The big squeeze

Counting Clouds moved into a small office in a shared space, where they could start building the team and the business. They went from 2 to 5 then eventually 8 on the team. They had to roster everyone's office days, because they couldn't all fit comfortably sometimes.

A place of one's own

After much searching Line found a suitable space where the team could spread out a little more. She fitted it out with a little help from her friends and finally Counting Clouds had its' own home.

The best using the best

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